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Docks Specimen Starter Kit

1 Gated Boilie Needle

1 Boilie Stoppers Brown (Hard)

5 Gripper Hooks #6 

5 Anti-Snag Hooks #6

1 Classic Rig w/ Classic Boilie Hook #6 (Looped)

1 Classic Rig w/ Gripper Hook #6 (Looped)

5 Quick Change Swivels #8

5 Anti-tangle Sleeves 40mm

5 Distance Lead Clips with Tail Rubber 40mm - Green 

5 Silicone Tubes 1.5mm, 6cm - Green

5 Shrink Tubes 2.5mm, 6cm - Clear

2 Double Looped Liquid Wire Leader 40lb, 70cm  - Snake Green

1 Silky Soft Neutral Buoyancy 20lb, 5m - Olive Green

2 Inline Flat Pear Leads 3oz

2 Gripper Leads with Swivels 3oz

Comes with 1 free Docks sticker


Power Swivel from R 9.95
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Ball Sinker Lead from R 14.95
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Circle Hook from R 19.95
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Black Power Swivel from R 29.95
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Brass Barrel Swivel Black from R 9.95
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Kingfisher Quick Clip from R 29.95
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Daiichi Light Wire Circle from R 54.95
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Daiichi Boss Octopus Black from R 54.95
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Adrenalin Long Shank Hook from R 22.94
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Mustad Classic Jig Head from R 19.94
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True Cast Mojo Sinkers from R 24.94
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Docks Classic Boilie Rig from R 49.94
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