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Docks Specimen Starter Kit

Docks Specimen Starter Kit

The Docks Specimen Starter Kit has all the essential items necessary to begin specimen angling. Not only are there ready-made rigs and hook links but there are all the essential items to build your own rigs. A complete instruction manual covers all the basics from building your own rigs to baiting up. Get your Docks Starter Kit and start specimen carp angling now to catch your personal best. Try the new Ready To Fish Rigs from Docks. Simply tie on the rig of your choice, bait the hair and you're ready to cast your line.

  • 1 Gated Boilie Needle
  • 1 Boilie Stoppers Brown (Hard)
  • 5 Gripper Hooks #6 
  • 5 Anti-Snag Hooks #6
  • 1 Classic Rig w/ Classic Boilie Hook #6 (Looped)
  • 1 Classic Rig w/ Gripper Hook #6 (Looped)
  • 5 Quick Change Swivels #8
  • 5 Anti-tangle Sleeves 40mm
  • 5 Distance Lead Clips with Tail Rubber 40mm - Green 
  • 5 Silicone Tubes 1.5mm, 6cm - Green
  • 5 Shrink Tubes 2.5mm, 6cm - Clear
  • 2 Double Looped Liquid Wire Leader 40lb, 70cm  - Snake Green
  • 1 Silky Soft Neutral Buoyancy 20lb, 5m - Olive Green
  • 2 Inline Flat Pear Leads 3oz
  • 2 Gripper Leads with Swivels 3oz
  • Comes with 1 free Docks sticker

Docks Specimen Starter Kit

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