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Sci Flies Standard Flies

Sci Flies's Standard Flies are high-performance flies that are tied onto a high-performance hook.

21 pcs

Colours in the box:

Dry Flies Terrestrial - Dave's Hopper, DDD, Black Ant, Hi,Vis Beetle, Flying Ant, Epoxy Ant and Cricket

    Dry Flies May Flies - Adams, Royal Coachman, Black Gnat, Yellow Wulff, Blue Dun, White Wulff and March Brown

      Streamers Woolly Buggers - Woolly Buggers (GB), Black Grizz, Olive, Orange, Brown and White

        Trout Stillwater Wets - Aggravator (GB) Olive, Red Eye Damsel (W) Black, Stillwater Damsel (W), Woolly Bugger (GB) Black, Woolly Bugger (GB) Olive, Zonker (W) Natural and Filoplume Dragon (W) Brown

          Trout Stillwater - Stimulator, DDD Nat, White Wulff, Red Eye Damsel Black, Papa Roach Olive, Woolly Bugger (GB) Black and Beans Woolly Worm

            Trout Western Cape Rivers - Klink Hamer Olive, Adams, Hare,s Ear Parachute, PTN (GB) Black, GRHE (GB) Natural, Prince Nymph and PTN Flash Black (GB) Natural

              Carp - Woven Nymph, IL Larva, Woolly Worm Red Tail (GB), Mustard Caddis (GB), Orange River Caddis (GB) and Red Tag

                Tungsten Wets Mayflies - Biot Baetis (BTB), Hare & Copper (BTB), Prince Nymph (BTB), Red Roman (GTB), PTN (OTB) and PTN (BTB)

                  Yellow Fish Dropper - Green Rockworm (OTB), Heavy Metal Caddis (BTB), Gold Bead Caddis (GB), PTN (OTB) Black, PTN (GB) Natural, San Juan Worm and Ice Caddis

                    Yellow Fish Orange River - Green Rockworm (OTB), Z-Wing Caddis (OTB), Copper John (GB), PTN (OTB) Black, PTN Hotspot (GB) Natural, PTN Flashback (GB) and Orange River Caddis (GB)


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