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Teza Monsta Moosa Tackle Bag

Teza Monsta Moosa Tackle Bag

The Teza Monsta Moosa is the biggest box in this range. It is still a light fishing tackle box but with even more storage space. This box is designed at extended fishing trips where you need to have a decent quantity of fishing tackle on hand.

There is a top wooden box, a wooden drawer and a decent compartment under the drawer. The Monsta has 2 small trace pouches on the one side, 1 big pouch on the other side as well as 2 rod holders. In addition to the drawer, the Monsta Moosa comes with a clear tackle box for hooks, swivels and all your small terminal tackle plus additional clear pouches on the inner sides of the PVC flaps for licenses or traces.

The Monsta Moosa does not have additional straps to carry a Safari Chiller cooler box underneath as the size of this box makes this feature not possible.

On the top flap are 2 velcro straps which can be used to hold a multitude of items such as rod holders / pension pipes or a jacket for example.

The height of the box is 36cm, the width is 26.5cm and the base is 36cm.

  • Wooden drawers for storage
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Pockets for storage
  • 2 Rod holders
  • Supplied with clear tackle box for hooks, swivels etc.
  • Padded shoulder straps

Teza Monsta Moosa Tackle Bag

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