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VMC Big Game Dynacut Bay King

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VMC Big Game Dynacut Bay King

The VMC® DYNACUT point does not need to be sharpened since it has four ultra-sharp cutting edges and four precisely symmetrical glassy faces. The design of the VMC® DYNACUT BIG GAME POINT quickly sticks inside the mouth of the fish for a precise hook set and a safe and clean fight. The DYNACUT BIG GAME POINT was designed to survive and withstand the high pressure applied to it during hook setup. The DYNACUT point's distinctive shape is the result of extensive field testing at the world's most prominent Big Game locales. Tin finish is available.

  • 8705
  • 6X Strong
  • Four Ultra Sharp Cutting Edges
  • Forged
  • Hi Carbon Steel
  • Dynacut Point
  • Available in a Tin finish
  • 2 per pack

VMC Big Game Dynacut Bay King

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