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3 Ways How To Catch A Kabeljou

November 03, 2022 1 min read

The Kob season is upon us.

Here we have 3 ways how to catch a kob when you are out fishing. Please keep in mind that all spots work with various techniques.

  1. Live Bait - Live bait requires some skill since you want your bait to target a certain species while also looking and swimming as realistically as possible.
  2. Artificial Bait - There are hundreds of various lures to choose from, but the paddle tail is the most prevalent. This best simulates an injured bait fish and does not require a fast retrieve to generate a vibration that is picked up by the Kobs lateral line on its body.
  3. Dead Bait - Because dead and frozen bait is readily available, this is most likely the most prevalent way fishermen target the species. Chokka and Occie leg are by far the most popular baits, followed by Sardine, Mullet, Strepie/Canteen, Shad, and Mackerel.
Rieette Big Catch
Rieette Big Catch

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