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Where To Fishing To Catch A Kob

November 04, 2022 1 min read

Have you ever wondered where you must cast to catch a Kob?

Here are a few tips for you to understand where to cast to increase your kob conversions. All locations may have different outcomes and if you do things differently, comment below and tell us what your tips are to catch kob.

  1. Kob can mainly be caught by the shore, sandy seas, estuaries, and out at sea.
  2. They will occasionally be caught in the extremely shallow water below the shore break, when they dine on their victim.
  3. Deep channels, gutters, and steeply shelving beaches, are ideal places to try, especially if there is an access route to deep water nearby.
  4. Always hunt for ginger beer water or patches of discoloured milky green water where little fish may hide in the sandy portions of the surf, as you will seldom catch kob in pure blue water.
  5. Look for areas where the sand is being disturbed by wave activity since this exposes the worms and other minute invertebrates that the smaller fish will come to feed on.
Rieette Big Catch
Rieette Big Catch

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