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Tips About Galjoen Fishing

October 23, 2019 2 min read

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Read our TIPS about Galjoen fishing below:

Galjoen, SA's National Fish, is one of the most popular targeted species. The Galjoen is protected by thousands of strong scales to endure rough winter conditions.

Where To Look For Galjoen

Galjoen is found swimming lively in foamy waters which occurs more during the winter when strong westerly and south-westerly winds are blowing. Seeking baits during this specific time in gullies and close to reefs. When casting from the beach, be on the lookout for scoured holes that are now exposed. Perfect feeding for Galjoen. Black mussels washing out on to the shore is a indication of fresh scoured holes.


Galjoen is more prone to eat red-bait. They also have a preference for more matured bait. This doesn’t mean that they only eat red-bait, certain spots white mussels are also used. As well as various types of worms.

Tackle To Use

A 10 - 12 foot fast action rod paired with a Grinder and 30 - 40 lb braid is perfect for targeting Galjoen in the bricks. A Braided Leader of around 100 lb 3 - 4 m long will ensure you don't get cut off on the mussel beds where these fish like to hide. A 2/0 or 3/0 circle hook snelled onto a piece of .55 nylon and a 3 - 5 oz sinker is all you will need to give you the best chance of catching a Gally.

Perfect for a Gally catch
10 - 12 ft Rod fitted with a Rovex Big Boss 3 Reel and 30 - 40 lb Grinder braid, but wait we have more... Circle hooks, red-bait, and mussels we also supply for your convenience!!

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Sales Staff

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